Helen has been crowned the winner of Big Brother 2014.

Helen left the house to mostly boo’s from the crowd.

Speaking to Emma, Helen revealed she was shocked and stated that Ashleigh was the winner. Asked if she thought she would be sat there as the winner if she did not have the pass to the final – Helen conceded that she would have definitely been out in the first couple of weeks.

Asked if she calmed down because of the formal warnings, Helen said she had to change because she thought it was going to be a lot more simple than what it was and that she couldn’t continue to behave the way that she had been.

Speaking about whether the experience would make her think more about her behavior, she said that she thinks she will definitely change the way she acts following on from the show.

Talking about Ash, Helen said she loves him as her friend and that she would have really struggled without him in the house.

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