Well, who could have foreseen that? Despite facing a summer barrage of boos the aggressive northerner with more bite than Luis Suarez Helen Wood has won Big Brother 15. I don’t think there is any doubt that had Big Brother not tampered with the shows formula Helen would have been evicted in the early weeks of the show. But they conspired to allow a housemate to gain a free pass to the final and that allowed Helen to make it to the Final night and pick up enough support to scoop the £100,000 prize on offer.

In my opinion she won for two reasons. Firstly, it can’t be argued that she wasn’t a memorable housemate. She was in the thick of most things that happened in the house and picked up numerous inches this summer – only this summer it was column inches in the press. And secondly it was because of the old “None of the Above” mentality shown in Richard Prior’s film Brewster’s Millions. There just wasn’t a clear stand out winner this year and when push came to shove and it was time for the public to vote they chose the person – rightly or wrongly – who had been at the centre of the summers shenanigans. What cannot be argued is that Helen was a much talked about housemate. Her name has trended on Twitter most of the summer and although this has more often than not been for the wrong reason she will be remembered. For me I truly hope that Helen uses this experience as a means to evaluate her life and realise that she doesn’t always have to attack people verbally for little or no reason. She needs to learn that by taking the attitude of not caring whether she hurts people she only ends up hurting herself.

So was Helen a worthy winner? If you value a winner based on how pleasant and polite they are then no she wasn’t but if you judge a Big Brother Champion on creating storylines and being talked about by the general public then it can’t be denied that Helen won over enough of the fans to justify her title.

The summer of Discontent

It all started 70 odd days ago and to be honest we’ve seen far too much meddling with the concept by Channel 5 this summer. What made the series hugely successful in the noughties was watching a group of people cope with situations in a house with no contact from the outside world. This has been totally smashed around this summer. The amount of information that the housemates have garnered via “focus groups” commenting on their behaviour, ex housemates re-visiting for parties and news being leaked into the house has been excessive and totally changed the dynamics. Time for BB to get back to basics in my opinion.

The housemates

What have we seen this year? We have seen housemates unlucky to be evicted like Tamara and Winston. Both were likeable and pleasant characters. Tamara went far too early and the biggest shock of the season was Winston’s ejection from the house just before the Final. We have seen a sprinkling of unpleasant, aggressive behaviour from the likes of Toya, Pauline, Danielle, Ashleigh and Marlon which did them no favours at all. We have watched Steven and Kimberly’s on/off (quite literally) relationship blossom amidst the first open session of under the cover fumblings. Yes, there has been “content of a sexual nature” before in the house but these two just didn’t care who saw what and got down and dirty in a room with ten other people listening and two million watching. Oo er missus.

The other relationship in the house was that of Mark and Christopher. This one never quite got off the ground largely due to outside influence meaning that Mark was made to realise he was being controlling and unfair and Christopher was being perceived as a doormat following Mark around lapdog style. Their attitude to one another and their fellow housemates was hugely influenced by this and when Mark particularly looks back on the series he will see that he just fell apart for his final few weeks. He went from a nice lad and potential winner with an easy going demeanour and good sense of humour to a more dark place in a matter of days. It was no surprise to see him evicted. Christopher was my pick to win on Final night and he can count himself unlucky that he was pipped at the post.

Ash and Marlon were real lads lads and to an extent this let them down when they started to forget that cameras were watching and began leering at the girls far too much. Some of the overtly sexist comments were enough for Marlon to get his marching orders although Ash managed to recover from the appalling comments he made about Jale and ended up being roundly liked by the public. Jale herself was harshly put up for eviction every week which was a mistake by Big Brother. It added nothing to the show and hopefully won’t be repeated. The idea to a) give a fast pass to the final and b) put a housemate up for eviction every week in theory sounds ok but when you hand that decision to someone with such poor social skills and decision making as Pauline it falls down badly with the wrong people being chosen. The ones that initially I thought would be quiet did actually turn out quiet and to be fair were overwhelmed by the bigger characters in the house. Matthew was pretty boring and only discovered his voice when he left the house. I hope he will on reflection not be proud of some of the statements he has made about his fellow housemates – post eviction. Chris was for a long time my favourite housemate during the summer. His diary room rants showed a common sense and colourful insight into what it was like to live with the reprobates inside the house and he displayed a great wit and observation at times. He did lose it a little towards the end when he became a little too obsessed with Ashleigh instead of playing his own game. His “fatherly” advice chat with newbie Pav was frankly excruciating, embarrassing and unnecessary.

Which brings me to the new housemates introduced part way through the show. When assessing the impact of the three new housemates you have to ask yourself what the general public are smoking sometimes. How on earth can Pav be the last of these left in the house? “Pointless” Pav as he became known was it has to be acknowledged a lovely bloke but he added nothing to the house. Zoe was harshly evicted after one comment which, given her lovely nature and self demeaning attitude was surely misconstrued by the voting public? And the biggest mistake and worst decision was to eject Biannca from the house after a mere four days. Why oh why did this happen? The house was so caught up in paranoia and nastiness that when someone comes along with a simple pure agenda to “have a laugh” we get rid of her faster than she can whip her top off and show us those lovely “boobies” as Emma Willis would say. But she was far more than a lovely chest. She was a breath of fresh air and got the housemates to enjoy themselves in the short time she spent in the house. Had she remained I’m sure we would have enjoyed a house full of people enjoying their experience far more than they did.

I’d love to see Channel 5 get back to the old days with a minimum of outside interference in the house. I love eviction nights with the crowds cheering or booing as appropriate but that should be it. Those in charge of making the programme shouldn’t be afraid to let the public see housemates enjoying their stay in the house – it doesn’t have to always be doom and gloom to entertain us.

What are we all going to do now Big Brother has finished for the summer? What will we watch? If only there was another series starting soon. What’s that? There is? Cool, Celebrity Big Brother starts tomorrow night.

Hope you enjoyed your summer of BB.

Stu Govier

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