It has been announced that there will be a brand new competition to be introduced for Big Brother 18. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan revealed the new competition and the fate of “fan-favourite” Battle of The Block competition which was introduced in Season 16 and axed half way through BB17.

“No Battle of The Block Competition!… A new, Sunday competition is coming into play that will twist up the game! It’s going to be fun, something we’ve never done before. We need to keep the stakes high in the Sunday show because we didn’t want to go back to Have Not competitions. You want competitions that have stakes, that really mean something. This new competition really does that. So the nominations falls somewhere in the middle and then this competition and then, you’ll see.”

It was also revealed that this new competition will result in the introduction of a new ceremony alongside the nominations ceremony and the Power of Veto Ceremony. Additionally, Grodner hinted that Battle of The Block could return in the future – “Who knows though maybe sometime in the future it will come back.”

Big Brother returns Wednesday June 22nd 8/7c on CBS.