Jozea has become the 2nd houseguest to be evicted from the game.

Victor kicked off proceedings by voting to evict Paulie.

Next up was, Zakiyah who voted to evict Jozea.

Paul then decided to vote for Paulie.

Next into the diary room, Frank voted to evict Jozea.

Da’Vonne continued proceedings by voting to evict Jozea.

Next in to cast their vote was Michelle, who voted for Jozea.

Next up, Bronte cast her vote to evict for Paulie.

Natalie then chose to vote for Paulie.

James was next to cast his vote for Jozea.

Next up, was Tiffany who vote to evict Jozea.

At this point, with 6 votes  – Jozea became the  official evictee.

Corey finished the vote, by voting to evict Jozea.

Upon hearing the news from Julie, Jozea was visibly shocked – having campaigned hard for Paulie to be evicted.

Housguests then had to battle to see who would claim the Head of Household.

Stay tuned to find out who will become the next HoH!