Tonight saw the final remaining ‘losing’ team battle it out to secure their place in the game.

The Freakazoids (Corey, Nicole, Tiffany & Glenn) had to face off against each other by placing coconuts in an SOS pattern, on an island that moves with every step they took.

Nicole was first to complete her SOS, securing her place in the game. Next up to complete their SOS was Tiffany , followed by Corey . Glenn failed to complete his SOS puzzle and therefore was the first to be evicted!

It was then down to Tiffany, Nicole and Corey to decided who would become HoH. Nicole, was chosen as first HoH. It was also revealed that even though there is only one HoH, as they are playing in teams – all houseguests on the HoH’s team are safe.

Nicole chose to nominate Jozea and Paulie, with the aim of sending Jozea packing.

Sunday marks the launch of a brand new comp called Roadkill, the winner of this comp will be informed of their victory in secret and given power to nominate a 3rd houseguest for eviction. If their nominee is taken off the block following the PoV – they will be asked to – once again in secret – name a replacement.

Stick with Big Blagger to find out how it all pans out!

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS