Last night, Big Brother returned with a bang – and if you think you know it all – think again. As ever, Big Brother has a few twists up his sleeve!

The first surprise came in the form of 4 mystery guests – returning players from previous seasons:Frank Eudy, James Huling, Nicole Franzel and Da’Vonne Rogers. All 4 previously missed out on their chance to scoop the $500,000 prize.

That’s not all though – it was also revealed that they would each join 3 other houseguests to play the game in teams of 4. The teams will compete in special challenges each week, with the winners gaining immunity from eviction from the first 2 evictions.

Speaking of evictions, you don’t have long to wait for the first one. Tonight, teams will battle in out with the winners receiving eviction immunity. The losers must compete in 2 more competitions, which again will see the winners receive immunity. The last team standing must compete against each others as individuals, with the loser being evicted from the house!

The remaining 3 from the losing team will decided among them who will be the first HoH and they will then have to nominate 2 houseguests for eviction.

Everyone wants to hold the power, but houseguests will have to take serious risks in order to get it!

James, Victor, Natalie & Bronte – or Unicorn as they’re now known – won the first challenge, guaranteeing their safety in the first 2 evictions.

Category 4 – made up of Paulie, Bridgette, Michelle and Frank won the first round of the ‘Hit the Road’ challenge – ensuring their safety from eviction.

Da’Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah and Jozea, otherwise known as Big Sister – successfully completed their puzzle first, winning round 2 and guaranteeing their safety from eviction.

Find out who is the first evictee and who will be the first HoH tonight at 9/8c on CBS!