After 92 days locked in one of the world’s most infamous houses, Wednesday night saw Josh Martinez crowned the winner of Big Brother 19, with BB vet Paul Abrahamian once again shunned in 2nd place. Love him or loathe him, everyone should feel a tinge of indignation at this fact. If everyone was watching the same show that I was all summer, then it was clear to see that the only houseguest actually playing Big Brother was Paul.

Right from week 1, Paul called all the shots. He was the one picking the targets, putting backdoor plans into action and generally convincing the other houseguests to do his bidding, allowing Paul to escape without a single drop of blood on his hands.

Week after week, we watched on as the other houseguest – either in awe or too intimidated by him – did exactly what Paul told them, never asking any questions. Paul seemed to coast through the whole season, never once finding himself on the block (unless you count the final where he lost out in the final HoH to Josh, and so faced eviction by default). He won 9 competitions throughout the season, including 3 stints as HoH.

Now the thing is, that’s all well and good – but it actually made for a very boring season of Big Brother. On numerous occasions, I found myself on the cusp of screaming at the TV, “Why is no one playing the game?!?”. There were so many wasted opportunities for the houseguests to shake up the game, and backdoor Paul – at the same time they would have actually given themselves a realistic chance of winning.

Of course, in the end, it wasn’t enough to bag him the win – as Paul was once again beaten in a 5-4 vote against Josh Martinez – with many of the jurors unhappy with the way Paul ultimately used them in the game.

All of this begs the question, are these some of the worst Big Brother players of all time? Nobody other than Paul made any moves. Period. Paul was behind every eviction, every backdoor, every blindside.

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