Blindsided! Chuck Liddell evicted first from CBB US in shock vote

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Chuck Liddell became the first ever celebrity to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother USA after a shocking last-minute blindside.

Following Kiesha’s nominations as Head of Household, Shannon Elizabeth won the Power of Veto after correctly spelling the longest word in the competition. She elected to not use the veto, leaving James Maslow and Chuck facing the chop.

Shannon managed to help flip the vote in the last 24 hours and blindside Omarosa by getting the house to evict Chuck. When it came time to vote Brandi, Ariadna, Ross, Metta World Peace, Marissa, Shannon, and Mark all voted Chuck out, while Omarosa was the lone vote to send James home.

Following his eviction, Chuck spoke to host Julie Chen and said he did not know what he did wrong to be first out: “I think it switched last night some time. I don’t know…I’m not sure what happened exactly. But I guess I wasn’t as good as the social kind of game as James was.”

Julie then informed him that he was the first member of the jury that will decide the winner of Celebrity Big Brother US.

Celebrity Big Brother US airs Sunday’s, Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s on CBS in the states.