Kevin Martin has been crowned the winner of the latest season of Big Brother Canada.

Last nights action packed finale, commenced with the first part of a gruelling 3 part HoH challenge.

Karen, Demetres and Kevin had to build a “gold” pyramid balance on a board secured in mid air with only a rope keeping it afloat.  If the pyramid feel, the houseguest had to go back to the beginning!

Demetres won the first part of the HoH challenge, meaning he advanced directly to part 3.

Next up, Karen and Kevin battled it out to see which of them would make it to part 3 and be able to compete for the final HoH of the season to secure their place in final 2.

They had to map out constellations, using rope provided, based on questions about the season. Karen finished in 41 mins and 39 seconds but was beaten by Kevin who finished in 12 minutes and 13 seconds to secure his spot in the final part of the HoH alongside Demetres.

In part 3, Kevin and Demetres had to answer questions about the jurors by selecting A or B. Kevin beat Demetres to advance to become the final HoH of the season and therefore decide who to take to final 2.

Kevin chose to evict Demetres, taking Karen to the final 2.

Speaking to Arisa, Demetres revealed that he respected both Karen and Kevin’s games.

Making her final plea to the jury, Karen said that she went into the house with determination, perseverance and a lot of good luck and that she was blessed, and grateful for the opportunity.

Kevin was next up, and he spoke about how he strategised alone during the second half of the game and how he was grateful for the second chance given to him.

Next up, the jurors took the stage one by one to cast their votes.

Kevin won a by a unanimous vote of 9-0.

What a season it’s been – possibly the best in the history of Big Brother Canada.

Congrats to Kevin, the houseguests, Arisa and all the team at Big Brother Canada.