She was so close, yet so far – Ika Wong has been evicted from the BB Odyssey ahead of Thursday’s grand finale!

Speaking to host, Arisa Cox following her eviction, Ika said:

My headspace was just to follow my gut and take it week by week.  I know what it’s like to leave this house with regrets, and I told myself I will never leave with any.”

The housemates had earlier battled it out in the final POV competition of the season, with Kevin emerging as the victor and earning the sole eviction vote. Despite Ika urging Kevin to keep him and show that he truly can best the best, Kevin’s mind was made up, and he sent Ika packing to the jury house.

Now only 3 remain; Demetres, Kevin and Karen. Tune in to the grand final of Big Brother Canada, Thursday 7pm ET/PT for a 2 hour showdown which will see one of those 3 crowned the winner of Big Brother Canada 2017!