The heavyweight champ was knocked out this week, as Big Brother Canada’s Dillon “Big Country” Carman of Madoc, Ont. was sent packing in a vote of 2 to 0. At the beginning of the week, new HOH Kevin seemed to have clear targets when he put power duo Demetres and Ika on the block. They had crossed him during the triple eviction, going back on their word to keep him safe. When he won the triple eviction POV and took himself off the block, he pledged revenge, and got it shortly after by winning HOH and the POV competition too.

Then, in a move that no one in the house saw coming, Kevin decided to replace Ika with Dillon to ensure his ultimate target Demetres’ eviction. Kevin was sure that Dillon’s ally Karen would vote to evict Demetres, but when she didn’t, “Demika” – one of the deadliest duos in BBCAN history – remained, ensuring Kevin’s worst-case scenario of a final four with Ika and Demetres was in play, and Dillon was on his way to the jury house.
“It was tough in there – Big Brother Canada is a tough fight,” said Dillon. “I went in there and gave it everything I have. I have no regrets… I just hope Kevin doesn’t win!”
The final week of Big Brother Canada is jam-packed with exciting events, beginning with Monday’s Head of Household competition and the Big Brother Canada awards hosted by special guest, Big Brother UK legend and Big Brother Canada Season 4 houseguest, Nikki Grahame. On Wednesday the season’s most important Power of Veto will be played, with the winner deciding who will remain as the top 3 and who will be sent home in a Special Eviction. Finally, Big Brother Canada’s most epic season yet will see its winner crowned in a two-hour finale episode on Thursday, May 18, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.